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Latest Tempo Timesheets versions for JIRA 6.4.12 to JIRA 7.3.x

Tempo on JIRA Cloud and Release Change Logs

We deliver new versions of Tempo Timesheets for JIRA Cloud upgrade according to a schedule we have from Atlassian. For every delivery we create a page in our wiki listing all changes since last delivered version. We also create an upgrade request in the Atlassian JIRA project. 

The delivered versions are tested by Atlassian against next JIRA Cloud version and upgraded according to Atlassian upgrade schedule.
(info) You can watch the Atlassian What´s New page for all upgrade notes and this page for the table upgrade.. 

Below you can see the latest Tempo Timesheets delivery on JIRA Cloud.

TimesheetsCloud Delivery / Release dateIssueStatusNotes
Tempo Timesheets 7.20.24Released on Cloud on February 14 2017N/A


Contain migration task only that will run when instance is migrated to the new Cloud
Tempo Timesheets 7.20.18Delivered 8 December 2016
Released on Cloud on January 3 2017    
ACJIRA-1147 Restricted


Some permission changes are included in this version.
Tempo Timesheets 7.20.15
Delivered 2 September 2016
Released on Cloud on November 28 2016   
ACJIRA-1028 Restricted


New Tempo Timesheets for JIRA Cloud documentation space is now public and will be updated for all new future deliveries.

See Tempo Timesheets Cloud Releases page for all Tempo deliveries to Atlassian for Tempo upgrade requests.

Previous Releases


This is a list of all 'Tempo Release Notes' 
You can download the documentation from the Tempo x.x releases as the first online documentation was in Tempo 6.4.

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