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4 January 2017

In this version we're introducing a completely new UI for creating work attributes (learn more about work attributes here). A new type of work attribute is now available: the static list. This is a simple drop-down list that allows you to define the list items in Tempo Timesheets. Furthermore, we are removing the Script type work attribute. To learn more about how this might affect your setup, check out the Removing the script type work attribute section below.  

All changes, improvements, and fixes in Tempo Timesheets 8.2 are listed below.

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Please read before you upgrade page for tasks you might be required to perform in order to successfully upgrade to the latest version.

Work attributes changes

Improving usability when creating a work attributes

In our latest release, we're making work attributes easier to use by introducing a completely new UI.

As an example, here is how work attributes might appear in the Worklog Calendar:

Learn more about 'Creating work attributes'

Create 'work attributes' drop down lists easily using the new 'static list' work attribute

 A new type of work attribute -- the static list -- is now available, allowing Tempo administrators to quickly create drop down lists and allowing users to fill out when they log work.

For a normal user here is how the work attribute created above appears in the Worklog Calendar:

Learn more about 'Creating work attributes'

Removing script type work attribute

In Timesheets 8.2 we're removing the script work attribute type. If you are not using this feature, this will not affect your Tempo setup, and you don't have to read further. This feature removal will also not affect dynamic drop-down lists, which get information from a REST service.

What is changing?

After considerable effort and investigation, we have decided to remove the scripted worklog attribute type from Tempo Timesheets. This feature presented some security concerns, as it allowed for code which may, intentionally or not, corrupt data and open your company's JIRA environment to other risks. We recognize this may be inconvenient. However, we want to continue to build enterprise-grade software for our customers, and security is one of their (and our) top priority. This change helps us to ensure that Tempo Timesheets meets requirements for industry-standard compliance frameworks.

If you're searching for an alternative, Atlassian Marketplace offers resource plugins for injecting javascript code into JIRA. Our Atlassian Expert Partners also have vast knowledge available regarding JIRA and can provide consulting services.

If you are using the script work attribute type then read the before you upgrade page for tasks you might be required to perform in order to successfully upgrade to the latest version.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Numeric work attribute to support decimal separator define by profile language

  • Improvements to Spanish translations
  • Remove "like Christmas" and "like Easter" text from holiday scheme configuration screen

  • Migration problem when upgrading Budgets - fixed

  • Unable to hide Worklog Calendar issue panel - fixed
  • Unable to use "," in numeric input fields in Worklog Calendar - fixed

  • Numeric type work attributes don't accept comma as decimal separator - fixed

  • Error "Maximum number of cell styles exceeded" when exporting reports to excel - fixed


Tempo Timesheets 8.2.0 Compatibility

This release of Tempo Timesheets is compatible with JIRA 6.4.12+. This compatibility is a change from previous releases which were compatible with JIRA 6.2+.  The reason for the jump to 6.4.12 instead of to 6.4.0 is a JIRA Agile plugin point bug that was fixed in 6.4.12.

  • JIRA 6.4.12 to JIRA 7.2.x

Bundled Tempo system plugins

Upgrading to Tempo 8.2.0 is free for all customers with an active Tempo license.

If you are using JIRA Server, you can upgrade Tempo via the JIRA Universal Plugin Manager (UPM).
Please read the Tempo Timesheets upgrade notes before upgrading.

Please go to Tempo Timesheets Releases to view the latest version of Tempo Timesheets.

(tick) New customers can purchase a license for JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud through the Atlassian Marketplace

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