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16 January 2017

This maintenance version of Tempo Planner 4.0 includes fixes of the following:

  • Not possible to change the planning period in the team timeline
  • Plans can not be resized in Team Timeline


Tempo Planner 4.0.x Compatibility

This release of Tempo Planner is compatible with JIRA 6.4.12+. This compatibility is a change from previous releases which were compatible with JIRA 6.2+.  The reason for the jump to 6.4.12 instead of to 6.4.0 is a JIRA Agile plugin point bug that was fixed in 6.4.12.

  • JIRA 6.4.12 and higher
  • JIRA Agile 6.3 and higher
  • Tempo Timesheets 8.0.0 and higher

If you are using JIRA Server, you can install Tempo Planner from the JIRA Universal Plugin Manager (UPM).
Please read the Tempo Planner Installation and Upgrade Guide before installing or upgrading.

JIRA Cloud users, please see the Subscribing to the cloud version of Tempo Planner page for subscription information

(tick) New customers can purchase a license for JIRA Server or JIRA Cloud through the Atlassian Marketplace

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