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Tempo Timesheets version: 7.0.x

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Tempo 7.0.x


User's Guide

The Tempo User's Guide is for JIRA users, project managers, developers, testers – anyone who uses the 'Time Tracking' feature in JIRA. You can see how to navigate in Tempo within timesheets and to reports and worklog pages. Users are where you can log work in Tempo and edit your worklogs. Project managers may want to user the planning feature, timesheet approval and customer billing approval processes. For those who want to automate the closure of periods can use the scheduler and send e-mail notifications to users with their timesheet current status.

Administrator's Guide

The Tempo Administrator's Guide is for people with JIRA administration rights. It will help you to configure some global permissions and validations used in Tempo. How to set up the groups for the two user roles. If you intend to use Tempo for customer information management and billing you create our custom field and configure the customer data in the account manager. The administrator can also create some worklog attibutes that added to the worklogs and included in the data that can be exported from Tempo for further data mining. The Tempo scheduler is configured in the administration section and internal issues and activities selected.

API Guide

In the Tempo API Guide you you can use the functions available in Tempo services and how they can be used for further analysis or imported directly into another system.

Installation Guide

The Tempo Installation and Upgrade Guide is for people who are installing Tempo for the first time and users that are upgrading their instance of Tempo. Start by reading the latest Release Notes from Tempo releases since your version, then download Tempo according to your version of JIRA.

(info) Download documentation for this version in PDF