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Configuring Internal Issues and Activities

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators global permission.
  2. Select 'Administration' > 'Plugins' > 'Tempo' > 'Internal Issues' 

Internal Issues

An issue can be selected from existing JIRA issues and modified into an 'Internal Issue'.
An internal issue has the following properties:

  • No remaining estimate is required.
  • The issue can be selected from a list in the 'Log Work dialog'.
  • Users need only 'Work On Issues' permission for the project.
    (info)  Users that don´t have 'Work On Issues' permission in a JIRA project that has issues selected as internal will not see those issues in their list.


To add an issue to the 'Internal Issue' list, do the following:

  1. Click on the 'Add Issue' button.

  2. The 'Internal Issue Dialog' will display.

  3. Select the issue from the 'Issue key' field
  4. Click the 'Save' button.

You can change the list order by using the 'Up' and 'Down' icons.

(info) See Using Internal Issues page for more information on this subject.

Internal Activity

'Activity' is a 'Project', 'Version' or a 'Component'.
Internal activity is intended for vacation planning and other time allocation.

To add an 'Internal Activity' , do the following:

  1. Click on the 'Add Activity' button and the following dialog is displayed.

  2. The 'Add Activity' dialog is displayed;

  3. Select 'Type' - 'Unscheduled', 'Version' or 'Component'
    (info)  Select 'Unscheduled' of you want to plan on a 'Project' level.
  4. Select 'Project' from a list of JIRA projects.
  5. Select 'Version' or 'Component' according to your select in the 'Type' field.
  6. Click the 'Add Activity' to save your select or 'Cancel' to close without saving.

(info) In the user timesheet the internal activities are displayed with a different color than other time allocations for the user.

Click the 'Help' icon on the top right of the page to open the online documentation


  1. Anonymous

    Góður dagur Tempo-Team,

    1. In section "Internal Issue" I see "INT-1 Vacation Time"
    2. "Internal Activity" lists "Internal activity is intended for vacation planning and other time allocation."

    I'm a bit confused. (wink)

    Some questions:

    • What is the preferred/foreseen method to have the common tasks like vacation?
    • Do I need one Internal Issue or Activity for every user? or is one issue ok for all?
    • I want to track the vacations separated by years; usually there are some remaining vacation days from last year.
      Do I need to have an internal Issue or Activity like "Vacation 2011" AND "Vacation 2012"? I do not see any other tag which shows the year.

    Thanks & regards,

    1. Hi Markus

      Many Tempo customer have created a JIRA project for internal issues. The Browse Permission used on that project is limited to managements but Log Work permission is for everyone within the company.
      Internal issues are good because they can easily be access in the Tempo 'Log Work' dialog. In our company we have created ciommon issues like Vacation and Sickness hours for each year where the summary of the issue is like 'Staff Vacation 2012'
      In Current version there is not possible to track remaining vacation days/hours for users but that feature has been requested and is in review by the team.

      Hope the above answers your question and please also check the following page in our wiki.
      Using Internal Issues in Tempo

      Sverrir Tynes

      Tempo Support

      1. Anonymous


        Based on your reply, I'm still not sure what I would use Internal Activities for.

        Also, what should show up in the Issue drop-down when I select Activity on the Log Work window. It just seems to be a list of issues. Is that correct? Or should it be the Internal Activities?



        1. Hi Gilles

          Internal Activities are used for planning while Internal Issues are used for time tracking.

          The issues displayed when selecting Activity in the log work dialog are the users Issue History list.

          1. Anonymous

            Hi Sverrir,

            Ah, ok. That helps a little. But if Activities are for Planning, why show History?