This is the documentation for the next major release of Tempo Timesheets and is a work in progress.
Please go to the Space Directory to view documentation for released versions of Tempo Timesheets.

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Administer Timesheets

The Tempo Timesheets Administrator's Guide is for people with JIRA administration rights. It helps you to configure some global permissions and validations used in Tempo Timesheets. 

License Details

Global Configuration 

Tempo Permissons

Tempo Teams

Internal Issues and Activities

Periods and Period Management

Fields and Properties

Worklog Attributes

Worklog Date Validation

Tempo Scheduler

Workload Schemes 

Holiday Schemes

Tempo Timesheets API

In the Tempo Timesheets API Guide lists the functions available in Tempo services and how they can be used for further analysis or imported directly into another system.

Tempo Servlets Manual

Worklog Attributes


Tempo Integration

JIRA Agile and Tempo


  1. Hi Dear I need to use your documentation offline. I download PDFs but it has some problems with several blank pages. Is it possible to give me XML version of documentation in order to import it to our local confluence server?


    1. Dear Ansar,

      We normally only offer the PDF version as given here for offline documentation. As says there, we are aware of several blank pages in the PDF, which is due to complications between our documentation being hosted on an OnDemand instance, but the create-pdf-plugin only being supported for the standalone version of confluence.

      I have added an XML export to the same location, but I can't guarantee it will work for you on you local instance, due to differences between Confluence OnDemand and Standalone. Could you please explain how having the documentation on a local instance can help you? You would still be using the internet to access this local instance (except you have it on you own PC) and then it isn't an offline documentation.

      Best regards,

      Emma Rún