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(info)  April 24th 2012

Tempo released with some minor bug fixes

March 5th 2012

The Tempo team announces the release of Tempo 6.5 for JIRA 4.4.x
(warning)  Tempo 6.4.3 is the latest stable version for JIRA 4.2.x - 4.3.4 


  • Tempo ignoring JIRA's and user's time zone settings - Reported in our User Voice.
  • Time Zone info added to formatted date in scheduler emails to show exact time of scheduler close date.
  • Global Account Keys seperator displayed in ´Log Work' dialog - Reported in our User Voice.
  • Billing key not set in IE9 after Tempo upgrade - Reported in our User Voice.
  • NPE thrown when viewing People for Version JTMPO-313
  • Wrong date in 'Log Work' dialog (missing user timezone support)  JTMPO-334 
  • Plan time dialog shows an alert popup when user names with special chars are pickedy -  JRA-26735
  • Inline worklog attribute doesn´t clear if logged with 'Add' button in the 'Log Work Dialog' - Reported in our User Voice.
  • Green tick displayed in Tempo reports if an url is incuded in the worklog description - Reported in our User Voice.
  • Start/End-Calender popups start with different weekday JTMPO-339
  • Users can change logged times in the 'Day view inline editing dialog' though the timesheet is in 'Approval' state - Reported in our User Voice.
  • Log Work Issue search results extending past the viewable browser frame - JTMPO-350

Upgrading to Tempo 6.5 is free for all customers with an active Tempo license.

Download Tempo for JIRA 4.4.x or check The latest Release Notes if you are upgrading to JIRA 5.

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