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(info)  April 24th 2012

 Tempo released with some minor bug fixes

30. December 2011

The Tempo team announces the release of Tempo 6.4.3. This point release contains the following fixes.


  • Fixed sorting error when issue keys are of the from ABC-DEF-123 - JTMPO-317
  • When using Greenhopper Rapid Board, using Log Work button within issue returns error - JTMPO-329
  • NPE in BillingKeyManager - Reported in User Voice
  • Fixed default value for account CF when only one account on the project  - JTMPO-211
  • Team Gadget shows required hours for everyone based on the first user - Reported in User Voice
  • Billed hours get reset if work log is moved to another issue - Reported in User Voice
  • Added safeguard for very large queries. Fixes this bug 'No 'Add user' available in People on a JIRA project' - Reported in User Voice
  • Can't delete planned time after removing internal activity  - JTMPO-315
  • Translation missing for 'tempo.workflow.status.approved' - JTMPO-319

Upgrading to Tempo 6.4.3 is free for all customers with an active Tempo license.

Download Tempo and check the Release Notes for Tempo 6.4 for more information on the new features.

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