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This is a child page of Configuring Tempo Scheduler, explaining what a Grace Period is. When the Scheduler is used to schedule a closure, users are blocked to add and edit worklogs within an Open Period after the closing date. In order to be able to add and edit to those worklogs after the closing date, they will have to ask the user with the Approve Timesheet permission to grant them a short Grace Period to reopen the access. Users with the Approve Timesheet permission can grant users a Grace Period of any length from the Actions list in the Team Timesheet and Project Timesheet.

Granting a Grace Period in the Team Timesheet for Bob Johnson

This opens the Grace Period dialog, where you fill in the following:

  1. Grace Hours - The number of hours the user has to complete the timesheet.
  2. Select Period from and Period to dates for the Grace Period that needs to be opened.
  3. Click the Add Grace Period button if you are done or the Cancel link to close without saving.

The Grace Period dialog

The perspective role: JIRA Administrators

Open Grace Periods are listed at the bottom of the Scheduler page, in the Tempo Timesheets Administration - see screenshot on the parent page and below.

A list of Open Grace Periods in the Scheduler (click to enlarge)

(info) The list shows that Bob Johnson has an open grace period until July 30th 2013 at 17:52 and can add or edit worklogs from July 14th to 21st.