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Extract from Tempo Core (plug-in) version: 4.x.x

Product: Tempo Timesheets 8.2

Just as you can add custom issue fields to JIRA issues, you can add custom work-log fields (for example, an Account field or an Overtime field) to Tempo Timesheets work logs. Custom work-log fields are called work attributes and can be of various types (text fields, numeric fields, drop-down lists, or checkboxes). Users can also display the content of the fields in timesheet reports and lists.

Types of work attributes

Input fields

Numeric input field
Input fieldA text field.
Drop-down lists

Static listA simple drop-down list. You define the list items in Tempo Timesheets when you add or edit the list.

A drop-down list of accounts that users can choose from. You can create only one Account drop-down list for work logs.


JIRA issues can also include an Account drop-down list, which is a JIRA custom field, not a work attribute. If users select an account on a work log, the hours are logged to that account and not to any account that is selected on the JIRA issue.
Dynamic dropdownAn externally sourced drop-down list. You define the list items in an external service that connects to Tempo Timesheets.


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