This is the documentation for the next major release of Tempo Timesheets and is a work in progress.
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The Tempo Scheduler can both be used to schedule closure and reminders to add and edit worklogs within an Open Period.

To access the Tempo Scheduler do the following:

  1. Log in as a user with the JIRA Administrators Global Permission.
  2. Select Add-ons from the Administration menu (cog icon: ) at the top right of your screen. Then scroll down to Tempo Timesheets administration left tabs and choose the Scheduler option.
    (tick) Tip: Use Keyboard Shortcut instead: g then g and start typing Scheduler.

Scheduled Closure

When the Scheduler is used to schedule a closure, users are blocked to add and edit worklogs within an Open Period after the closing date. In order to be able to add and edit to those worklogs after the closing date, they will have to ask the user with the Approve Timesheet permission for their team to give a short Grace Period to reopen the access. An overview of a Scheduler configured for a weekly closure can be seen in the screenshot below.

An overview of a Scheduler configured for a weekly closure (click to enlarge)

(info) The green ticked icon shows active items, but inactive items would be shown with a red minus icon.

In the Operations line, click the Edit link to adjust settings for the Scheduler. The edit mode for the Scheduler is opened and looks like in the screenshot below. The items from both screenshots are explained in the table below.

The Edit Scheduler screen (click to enlarge)

Table: Items from the screenshots above explained

Scheduler ItemDescription
NameThe name of the scheduled closure configuration.

Three types can be chosen from a drop-down, e.g. Weekly, Biweekly or Period.

Status Reminder

In the edit mode you choose which day of the week to repeat the scheduled closure on. The Status Reminder will show the next scheduled end date, given the type and repeat date chosen. This becomes the date when an email is sent about Status reminder for all users.

(info) The reminder emails can be edited by clicking the icon at the end of the line, that opens the Scheduler E-mail Template screen.

Late Reminder

The Late Reminder is calculated from two items in the edit mode, Close [ ] working days after end date and Send email to late users [ ] hours before closure. The box for sending Status reminder for later users needs to be ticked to activate the Late Reminder.

(info) If the closing should happen 2 days after end date, but the email is sent 12 hours before closure, the Later Reminder happens 1.5 days after the end date (as in the screenshots above). If the closing and end dates are the same (0 working days after end date) and the email will be sent 12 hours before closure, e.g. it will be sent 12 hours before the closing/end date.

ActiveIf a green ticked icon is shown in the Scheduler Settings overview, the Activate This Scheduler box has been ticked in the edit mode.
Last CloseGives the last closing date, based on the number given in Close [ ] working days after end date and the Type chosen.
Next CloseGives the next closing date, based on the number given in Close [ ] working days after end date and the Type chosen.
OperationsEdit link to open the edit mode.

(info) A different Time Zone setting for the current user in her/his JIRA User Profile, will be displayed additionally in the Scheduler Settings.

A different Time Zone in the JIRA User Profile

Current Scheduler Settings, displaying also the different Time Zone in the brackets

In the first screenshot above, three links are shown:

  1. Disable Tempo Scheduler - displays the following screen:

  2. Test Scheduler Email
  3. List Users that Receive Email from Scheduler - displays a list of users receiving emails from the scheduler. The users listed should have the Tempo Time Tracking permission and in order to receive email, they need to either have logged some time or be in a workload scheme with required workload.

Scheduled Reminders

Scheduled Reminders differ from Scheduled Closures, in that they are just reminders and there is no closing date. This means that when editing the Scheduler, the box Make Scheduler Close stays unchecked - see screenshots below.

Current Scheduler Settings for Scheduled Reminders - Last and Next Close are not listed

Edit Scheduler page with Make Scheduler Close is unchecked (click to enlarge)

(info) Note that Send email to late users [ ], changes from hours before closure to hours after end date.


  1. Unknown User (

    Is there a way to configure the email recipients so that the notifications don't go out to all Tempo users?

  2. Hi Rex.

    You can set it up so Tempo only sends email to users that have not completed their timesheets.

    Other than that there is currently no way of filtering out users you don't want to send emails to.

    We love to hear ideas on how we can improve this feature so please take a moment to send in your idea and let other users vote on it:


  3. When the total time for the period in computed, it does not seem to take into account the civic holiday that are included in the referenced period.  This means that the expected total hours for the period is incorrect.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Yves,

      That is not correct, but could be clarified on this page. It does take into account both Holiday Schemes and Workload Schemes.

      Best regards,

      Emma Rún

      1. Thank you for clarifying... I have counted the days again, and it seems that I did make a mistake leaving out one day which explains the misunderstanding... 

        Thank you for the quick response (smile)

  4. Hi Emma,

    Quick questions is there a way we can configure the scheduler to send to a specific team of users? because i have customers also that use JIRA and  i dont want to bug them with emails.

    1. Hi Nikolay.

      The Tempo Scheduler only sends reminders to users that are members of a Tempo Team. You can obtain a list of all those users by visiting the "List Users that Receive Email from Scheduler" on the settings page. It probably doesn't make sense to have your customers in a Tempo Team?


      Furthermore, in the latest version of Tempo Timesheets, emails are not sent out to users in a Tempo Team, provided they have "no workload" for the period in question. So even if you do want for some reason put all your customers in a Tempo Team, just make sure they have no required workload, and so they won't get the scheduler emails. Please see this page for how to configure the Workload Schemes.

      Hope this helps!


  5. I am setting a tempo trial at my work at the moment. My requirements are:

    I want to turn on the approval process on a weekly basis.

    Ideally I would like an email reminder to go out on the Friday to remind them to fill it in.

    Approval would take place the following Monday and if somoen was late another reminder would go out.

    I do not want the timesheet to ever close for a period and lock the user out. So I do not want to mess around with grace periods etc as it is simply more management overhead and some buttom presses for little benefit when a conversation will do (i.e. "Bob - you haven't filled in your timesheet, get on with it!").


    Is it possible to set this up. Looking at this manual it would appear I have to have a close point if I use the email scheduler to send reminders.

    Many thanks.


  6. Hi Mark,

    On the last screenshot, there is a box called: Make Scheduler Close. If you do not tick this box, only a reminder will be sent and the Scheduler period will not be closed.

    Hope this answers your inquiry,

    Emma Rún

    1. That tick box does not appear on my implementation. Was that option added relatively recently? Or is their another piece of configuration I need to do first?

      I am currently on Tempo Plugin: 7.6.3.



      1. This documentation is for the latest version and new work in progress, e.g. the latest version is 7.8 and version 7.9 is in progress. This tick box came in version 7.7, so it is not available in the version you are using. The documentation for 7.6 is here. Each page in each documentation has a panel at the top, telling which version of the documentation you are reading.


        Emma Rún

        1. Time for me to get an upgrade done then. Many thanks.


  7. GMZ

    I see back in Jun 2012, it was stated that Configuring Tempo Scheduler could not limit who emails were sent to outside of those who have not completed their timesheet.  Is that still the case?  Our entire firm uses Jira, but we would like to limit email notifications to users in our division.  


    We are using Tempo Timesheets  -



    1. Hi GMZ,

      this problem is still in our backlog. You can follow this issue (TT-483) for all updates and vote / comment on it.

      Kind regards,

      Tempo support 

      1. GMZ

        Can the Timesheet Approval process be limited to a division or is it a global process as well?  In the event it's global, what's the drawback from implementing the Timesheet Approval process but only having my division actual "Approve" timesheets?  Will this impact groups that do not want to approve timecards? 



  8. Can Tempo Scheduler be triggered off of Timesheet Status?  If users have submitted their timesheets, we don't want them to get an email.  We'd like to remind folks who have Open or Ready to Submit timesheets to please complete and submit.