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Tempo Planner version: 4.0.x

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Planning work for your team

As a team lead, you can add members to and configure your team, assign JIRA issues to team members, create project iterations, and plan time for team members to work on issues. Learn more.

Viewing work that is planned for you

As a team member, you can view the work that is planned for you and for other team members. Learn more.

Planning work for a group of teams

As a program manager, you gain a high-level overview of the capacity and progress of the teams in your program (group of teams) and plan iterations and product releases for the teams. If your organization also uses JIRA Agile or JIRA Software, you can plan epics for the teams. Learn more.

Getting an overview of all resources

As a Tempo team administrator, you can also use Tempo Planner and get an overview of the time that is planned for each person on each day of a selected month. This overview is independent of teams. Learn more.


Granting permission and configuring Tempo Planner

As a JIRA administrator, you can do all administrative and user tasks in Tempo Planner. Only JIRA administrators can grant any type of administrator permission, add Team and Iteration fields to screens, and customize team role names. Learn more.

Configuring the working week and public holidays

If Tempo Timesheets is installed, as a Tempo administrator you can define the working week and specify which days are public holidays. If Tempo Timesheets is not installed, these tasks are for a JIRA administrator. Learn more.

Creating teams and groups of teams

As a Tempo team administrator, you can create and configure teams and programs (groups of teams) and designate team leads and program managers. Learn more.

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