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Welcome to the Tempo Books 101 guide!

This is a hands-on tutorial. You'll be setting up your own Accounts, Customers, Categories and Price Rates. Adding Expenses is also covered on this page.

Getting Started

To Access Tempo Books, select More in the Accounts section of the Tempo navigation from the top menu.

and the Accounts Navigator is displayed, where you can create new accounts and search for all accounts in the system. 

Tempo Books depends on the Tempo Account Custom Field. The field is installed automatically with Tempo Accounts but needs to be manually associated to screens and/or worklogs.



To be able to perform the actions described on this page you must have the relevant permissions documented on the Books Permissions page

(1) Tempo Account Manager - Permission to create a new account, manage customers, manage categories, configure existing accounts and import/export accounts

(2) Tempo Rate Manager - Permission to manage Price Rates

(3) Browse Customer Budget - Permission to view Budget for a specific customer's accounts   


Customers and Categories

To add, edit and delete Customers or Categories, open the Manage menu in the top right corner of the Accounts Navigator and select Customers or Categories from the list.

The Categories view looks and behaves similarly to the Customers view described above

Tempo Account Manager permission is required to view Customers and Categories


To Create an Account, select the Create Account in the top right corner of the Accounts Navigator.

In step two, you can add a project to your account. Click the Close button to create the account.

Tempo Account Manager permission is required to create and manage accounts.

Account Category Types 

Categories can be selected or created when the account is created or managed from the Tempo Accounts Navigator. Account Categories are used for grouping account data. Account Category Type is used in Tempo Books only for data grouping in Team Utilization report.


Price Table

To define rates in the Price Tables, open the Manage menu in the top right corner of the Accounts Navigator and select Price Table 

When choosing Price Table, overview page is displayed, where you can view all price rates in the system. 

The rate can be changed for each role in the list. A input for default rate will configure the rate for all of the roles that have not been configured.


Account Field in Issue

With the Tempo Account field configured to a screen, you can select the account directly from the issue. 

With the account selected all work logged on the issue is displayed in the Budget Report when user has price rate defined

The Price Table is used to calculate the monetary value of work, which is displayed as a multiplication of Rate by team role and Hours worked under the Amount column of the Budget table. Expenses are shown sorted by expense category in both graph and table.



All users can add expenses to each issue from the More list in the issue view.

All of the expenses are visualized on the issue itself, as well as on the connected account's budget. In the account's budget, a good overview is given of the expenses from all issues, which makes it easier for users to manage and review the account's information

(info) To view all account expenses the Browse Customer Budget permission is required

Team Utilization 

Team Utilization report, are available through the team page in Tempo Teams. These reports show percent ratio of worklogs out of 100, for either weeks or team members within a category type configured in Tempo Accounts. This provides a way to see how much is being invested on each category type for the selected period.

(info) To view Team Utilization the user must be a member of the Team or have browse team permission


Books Gadgets

The Account Lead Overview gadget, displays a list of all open Tempo Accounts on a JIRA Dashboard, that the current user is the Lead for.