Tempo Accounts is a plug-in for Tempo products.

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 What is an account?

account adds a different dimension or business intelligence to Tempo data. It has several attributes like customer and category, and JIRA projects can be linked to it.

 Who or what is the account Customer?

The Customer can be a company, a product and/or a supplier. The Customer can also be your own company to cover cases like Internal Cost, Staff Cost etc.

 What is the relationship between JIRA projects and Tempo Accounts?

A diagram on Tempo Accounts 101 show this well, but each JIRA project can be linked to many accounts.

 Are existing issues updated with accounts, after association to project(s)?

No, JIRA issues created before adding the accounts, do not automatically become set to an account value, they have to be edited for the value to be activated. It is possible to bulk edit JIRA issues to set the account value.

 If accounts are set as work attribute, can some projects be unlinked to accounts?

This concerns integration with Tempo Timesheets, where account is set as a work attribute. In the process of setting this up, you can select if the field should be required or not. If it is required, accounts need to be linked to all projects where time is logged through Tempo Timesheets.

 Can issues become invalid because of accounts?

Yes if the Accounts Custom Field is included in an Expression on the Fields screen in Tempo Timesheets administration. Other reasons for Invalid Worklogs are covered in the Tempo Timesheets documentation.

 How is the account status handled for imported accounts?

The account status is not included in import files, instead the default initial status is Open. Under some circumstances explained here, accounts can also get status Archived after import.

 If accounts are managed by import, what is the affect of subsequent imports?

All attributes of an account can be edited, except the Key (ID). The details of certain cases are explained on the Manage Accounts page.

 What about special characters in import files?

The account Key can only be composed of word characters, e.g. any letter, digit or the underscore character. The delimiter between attributes in a Import Template CSV file is ";" and in a Import Custom CSV file, it is ",". The "," is also used in the Import Template CSV and Import from Service to separate association to many projects. This means that these characters can't be used in the attribute naming.