Tempo Accounts is a plug-in for Tempo products.

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Tempo Accounts version: Latest major release

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account adds a different dimension or business intelligence to Tempo data. It has several attributes like customer and category, and JIRA projects can be linked to it. 

Accounts Custom Field

The custom field is installed automatically with Tempo Accounts and is mandatory for activation. Further configuration involves adding the field to screens for display in JIRA issues or adding it as a work attribute for the Log Work dialog in Tempo Timesheets.

Account Lead

The user that is configured to be the Account Lead, when the account is createdimported or configured.


The category is a way to create a division for an Account/Customer like Development or Marketing.


The customer can be a company, a product and/or a supplier. The customer can also be your own company to cover cases like Internal CostStaff Cost etc.

Customer Contact

This is someone who represents the customer. Depending on the purpose of the account, for internal or external use, this person may of may not be a JIRA user.

Account Status

Three different statuses are available for accounts: OpenClosed and Archived.

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